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The Toxin Trilogy

The Toxin Trilogy
2nd EPAL of Chania

The physical theatre performance entitled The Toxin Trilogy follows three disparate narratives about the teenage experience in Chania of today.  Starting from the assumption that adolescence is an important period for social, personal and emotional maturation, the three vignettes take us on a journey through the increasingly obsessive attachment of a gamer with his console to dead-end first relationships between couples and finally to the ritual of joining a group of friends.
The use of technology, alienation, rage and rejection are concepts and emotions that students highlighted through workshops undertaken in preparation of the performance and gradually transformed into narratives through words, phrases and movements.

Responsible artists
Maria Papadomanolaki, sound artist, composer and educator
Io Asitianaki, actress, director

Eralt Toufa
Nikos Tsakiris
Besiola Tsanai
Marisa Tsintaraki
Dimitris Tsoukalas
Andreas Fragkiadakis
Angelos Fytrakis
Emmanuela Halvadaki
Iosif Chalkiadakis
Filippos Charalampopoulos
Nefeli Chasapaki
Maria Chatziioannou

Responsible teachers
Phaedra Karadima
Afroula Feka

*Duration of performance: 30 minutes

The project was developed as part of the educational programme "Adolescence in Crete", funded by DIPETHEK.

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