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Forms Of Ventriloquism

"The whole process of writing is actually a form of ventriloquism, a sort of séance with the city whereby you walk through these threads that seem to trigger some sort of story because you’ve recognised the characteristics of a place."

Iain Sinclair in conversation with Maria Papadomanolaki for Sensing Cities, 2013

Forms of Ventriloquism was an exhibition, I curated on July 2014 for IMT Gallery in London. Taking as a starting point the various outputs of listening workshops I led between 2012-2014, I invited a group of artists to respond to drawings, writings and other materials produced by the participants of these workshops. The result was an exhibition featuring installations and performances by Sarah Kelly, Kostis Kilymis, Kevin Logan, Iris Garrelfs, Yiorgis Sakellariou with Artur Vidal, Marina Tsartsara, Maria Papadomanolaki with Scanner.

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