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Sib Radio Gowanus

Sib (Sounds-in-between) Radio Gowanus was a narrowcast audio exhibition that ran in conjunction with the exhibition "Postcards from Gowanus" which was on display at Cabinet Magazine's gallery in Gowanus between 17th-19th of March  2010. The program hosted a series of sonic artworks ranging from field recordings, drone, micro-sound to ambient and electro-acoustic compositions by US and International artists.


Sib Radio Gowanus essentially aimed to bridge the space between the inaudible, invisible (and yet real) ethereal and the physically present exhibits inside
the gallery. The audience was be able to experience Sib Radio Gowanus by wearing the radio headsets provided by the gallery supervisors.


For the exhibition I have received artworks by 43 musicians and sound artists from the US, Canada, Greece, UK, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia and a total of 17 hours of ambient soundscapes, field recordings, drones and experimental compositions inspired by or attuned to the undertones
of the Gowanus landscape.


Participant Artists: A.G, another electronic musician,
Knut Aufermann, bitcrush, Giancarlo Bracchi, Myroslaw Bytz & Nick Heling, Hethre Contant, Peter Cusack, denial of service, dergar, Exportion, Patrick Farmer, Jonny Farrow, Gabrielle Herbst, Amir Husak, inverz, Lina Lapelyte, Last Days, Leaf Loft, manekinekod, Sally Ann McIntyre, Todd Merrell, murmer, Naono, near the parenthesis, Oneohtrix Point Never, Dimitris Papadatos, Maria Papadomanolaki, Heidi Prenevost & David Smith, Radio Ruido, Sawako, Janek Schaefer, Jeremy D. Slater, Sogar, Solo Andata,
Sterling Basement, Sublamp, Mark Templeton, verdi_spirali, Myke Dodge Weiskopf, Mark Peter Wright, Bryan Zimmerman.


The exhibition was sponsored by Wave Farm.
More Information: Sib Radio Gowanus Blog

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