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To Begin is to follow on from

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To begin is to follow on from is inspired by Tobačna, the old tobacco factory in Ljubljana in Slovenia. Based on a text-score written during a short residency on-site, the piece balances between a radio feature and documentary fiction and marks an exploration of the liminal space of the factory. Different strands of voices and miniature electroacoustic compositions transmit fragments of the location, be these imaginary, personal, collective, historical, social, from the present, the past or the future.  “To begin is to follow on from” was commissioned by CONA, CC Tobačna 001 / MGML and was premiered on the 15th of January 2014 as part of "radioCona: REuse MESTO: REuseRADIO” radio research project and the resulting broadcast exhibition curated by Anna Friz entitled "City At Night".

Presented also at:

“Invisible Places”, Viseu, Portugal, 2014;
“Radiophrenia”, Glasgow Centre for Contemporary
Arts, 2015; radioCona:ICEbreakerFM, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2018.

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