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Assemblage No 1

The Radius: Episode 53 - Assemblage No 1Maria Papadomanolaki
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Assemblage No 1 is the first of a series of  electroacoustic works for radio that experiment with using only a limited pool of sounds, culled from one specific domestic appliance for each work. For Assemblage No 1, using different microphones and recording techniques, the mundane sounds and micro-environment of a refrigerator are rearranged and meticulously sculpted to “radiate” an uncanny and subconscious sonotopia. The piece finds inspiration in the surrealist notion of the assemblage and the blurring and destabilization of assumed (aural) realities attached to everyday objects.

Assemblage No 1 was commissioned by Chicago-based experimental radio platform  The Radius to be featured as Episode 53 in their series of experimental broadcasts. The project was aired as part of their visiting artist residency at ACRE. Assemblage No 1 was rebroadcast inside the Museum of Art & Design in New York during the exhibition Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound (2017-2018).

Presented at:
Acre Residency, Chicago, IL, 2014; ZimaFM”, CONA
Centr for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana, SI,
2015; BEACON - Radius, Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound, Museum of Art and Design, NY,

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