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Flat Out

Flat out(2019) is a sound installation commissioned by  Lofoten International Arts Festival in Svolvær, Norway.
Combining live environmental sound transmission, drawings on paper and conversation, Flat out relays live sounds from open microphones on South Walney Island in Cumbria, U.K., where the calls of the wading and shore birds follow the level of the tide in their search for food – moving closer or further away from the microphones on the mudflats forming a kind of “mud clock”. 
The work invites audiences to listen, and to contribute responses, comments, drawings, questions by email as part of an ongoing online exchange with the artists, who themselves are listening in other places. These will be timestamped and printed out in Svolvær, forming a collectively produced publication. A printer is set up to relay these conversations between different listeners at different times, joined by the live stream.

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