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Exploring Boundaries

Curated by Digital Music and Sound Arts in partnership with Our Future City (Brighton Dome) for Brighton Digital Festival, Exploring Boundaries
merges the physical experience of sound with the digital realm. Exploring Boundaries brings two works by UK-based artists PJ Davy (UK) and Jeph Vanger (UK/GR) to this year’s Brighton Digital Festival.

Vanger’s s ‘Sφera’ is a multichannel sonic environment where the physical presence of sound and the ongoing engagement become the priority. The piece pays tribute to the mournful sound of the Foghorn, using original recordings from the Foghorn Requiem (2013) field performance in which more than 50 ships gathered on the North Sea (UK) to perform an ambitious musical score.

PJ Davy’s ‘Heads in The Cloud 2.0’ is a multi-channel, sound and light installation concerning the digitisation of our lives through the internet. Heads in The Cloud presents a physical, human experience to reflect on our relationship with technology and each other, in an increasingly digitised world.

Curation: Maria Papadomanolaki
Poster and Banner Design: Jedd Winterburn
Photography: Constantine Pithis and Maria Papadomanolaki
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