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Nanah Palm

One of the most mysterious greek chanteuses, Nanah Palm, whose identity remains secret, is a take on outsider art, which bridges the space between the identities of a field-recording sound artist and a nurse at London's Homerton Hospital. Through a mixture of spoken word, found sound, cheap 90s claviers and ebow, Nanah Palm creates haunted, metaphysical aural landscapes.

Nanah Palm is a study on gender roles, preconceptions of the female and the whole spectrum of myths, socially entrenched understandings and metaphors associated with the identity of the nurse. Nanah is a play with the dynamics of obscuring ones' creative identity, the notion of the outsider artist and the fact that female creativity is often sidelined by other types of socially imposed labor.

Inspired by the romantic poetry of Polydouri, contemporary queer writing (collaborations with Louisa Doloxa, Margarita Athanasiou), contemporary sociopolitical issues  and the common ground found between experimental music, lofi pop/electronica and electroacoustic music, Nanah Palm's music often results in a very personal, fragile yet firm character. Her releases have an  equally personal tone, often found as part of a zine or an audiovisual project.

You can listen and download the four albums by Nanah Palm released on FYTINI here, here , here and here.

You can watch an a/v collaboration  with Danai Syrrou.

You can see the documentation of an a/v collaboration with Margarita Athanasiou  as part of "Queer Approaches to Lena Platonos" , an event presented at GNO's Alternative Stage.

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