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A Certain Geography

A Certain Geography is a site-specific project bordering between a live sound performance, a telematic soundwalk and a listening workshop. A text-based piece, written in response to a specific location, is used to score the performance of a soundwalk, streamed live.

The audience can read the text and reflect upon it while listening to the incoming sound stream. The performance involves the artist walking on a trajectory and using her voice to communicate her thoughts and her body to amplify the spaces she encounters. The sounds of her voice and body coexist, interact with and interject the temporal and textural layers and sounds of the listening room where the audience is located. Moreover, the audience can participate in the performance by communicating with the artist via twitter and instigating her to take actions.

The streaming toolkit and Locuscast app used in the performances was developped in collaboration with Locus Sonus during a research recidency at Aix-en-Provence École Superieure d'Art as part of Mobile Audio Fest (2015).

at: Sensingsite, Parasol Unit, London, April 2014;
Forms of Ventriloquism, IMT Gallery, collaboration with Scanner, London, July 2014; In this neck of the woods, CSM, London, June 2015; ISEA Disruption, Vancouver, August 2015; Mobile Audio Fest, Marseille, November 2015; Sound Acts, Athens, May 2016; Borderline Festival, Athens, 2018; Tuned City - Ancient Messene, Greece, 2018;  Resonant Frequencies Summit, DRAF, Goldsmiths, London, 2019.

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