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Aquarium is an interactive digital dance performance for children (from 2,5 years old) and their parents offering the opportunity for a shared experience. Aquarium choreographs the real-time interaction between physical and digital bodies, with the main character is a fish, which is animated by a dancer on stage with her multiple digital doubles, and a 3D jellyfish, which appears virtually along with other sea creatures. By unfolding the life of a small fish living in an aquarium, the artwork encourages environmental awareness and reflects on the relationship between humans and their environment, both natural and virtual. Through an interactive digital software, which allows the real-time capture and editing of the video during the performance, changes the flow of time and as a result the movement of the sea creatures inside the aquarium, as well as virtual characters, the fish-dancer and audience digital doubles enter the virtual space of aquarium tanks, while the hologram of a dancing jelly-fish enters the stage space.



Conceptor and Choreographer: Caterini Dinopoulou

Composer of music and sound environment: Maria Papadomanolaki

Dancer: Elena Stavropoulou

Interactive Video Artist: Katerina Dinopoulou

Digital Hologram Artist: Michele Cremaschi

Scenographer and Costume Designer: Katerina Archontaki

Lighting Designer: Caterini Dinopoulou

Organization and Coordination: KINETICS Dance & Visual Arts Center


The production commissioned by the Municipality of Chania and KEPPEDIH-KAM in the framework of the Open Sails project.

Photo by Michalis Gonalakis
Photo by Michalis Gonalakis
Photo by Michalis Gonalakis
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