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512:Personas (2009) is an interactive video installation that is inspired by Lacan's theory of "Mirror Stage" and the child's game of "Mix and Match". The spectator is facing a digital mirror where can see his/her digital reflection overlaping with the digital bodies included in the virtual gallery of the installation's interactive system. Set in a spontaneous and playful manner the spectator's body image and movement are captured in real-time and interact with the digital bodies of the virtual gallery raising questions such as: are we different depending on the circumstances and who is interacting with us? Based on voice, glitches in between the uttered, different ways of enunciating, different pitches, tones and grains of voice, the electroacoustic layering of sounds follows the playfuness of the images and bodies.

Presented at:

Between 2009 - 2013: ‘Art Is Hard’: Contemporary Art, Performances & Music Festival (Greece) / Art & Technology: Man and Machine, Olivepress Museum of Contemporary Art (Greece) / Supper Club - The Basement (England) / Media Studio, Chichester University (England).

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