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In-complete Bodies

In-complete bodies was an Arts Council England funded interdisciplinary project led by Marina Tsartsara exploring embodiment and representation of disease through choreography and the moving image. Taking as a starting point the personal sensations and perspectives of each dancer about their condition, the sound design and electroacoustic soundscapes created for the project reflect the unspoken, unperformed and often sensed on a macro level underneath the skin. Composed to contribute to a gesture of completion of the dancing boding, the music is unique to each dancer's movement. The project also features work by Marina Tsartsara, Miriam King, Clare Whistler, Louise Tanoto and Andy Berriman. The final performance was  presented on January 24th 2015 at Chisenhale Dance Space in London as part of the event "Medicine In Motion". You can read more closely about the project here.

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